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Tokyo Apartments & Tokyo Guesthouses Inquiry Form

If you wish to reserve a room, or if you have any questions, you can contact us by filling the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Please read the following information before making your inquiry


Find a place

On our easily navigated website you can find an apartment or guesthouse room which suits you and your needs.
You can search by location, rental price, train line etc.

Book a showing

If you are already in Japan and want to see a place that you are interested in, please get in touch
with us to book a viewing appointment day and time. One of our agents will take you by car from our office and give you a guided inspection of the property.

Please note that we will need to give a notice before the visit can take place, should there be a person currently living in the property.

Reservation process

To reserve a room with Fontana, you can contact us by phone, e-mail, Skype, Facebook or via our website and inform us
which property you are interested in. One of our agents will then guide you through the reservation process.
Once you have decided upon a place you like, you can then pay a reservation fee to secure it.

Reservation Fees:
Guesthouse room: ¥20.000
Private Apartment: ¥30.000

We will keep the room pre-reserved in your name for 3 days until we can confirm that the reservation fee has been paid.
After the payment has been confirmed, one of our agents will then contact you with information regarding the move-in procedure.

If the reservation fee is not paid within 3 days, the property will be made available again for other prospective tenants.
You can pay the reservation fee either in cash at our office, via Paypal or by bank transfer.

The reservation fee will be added to your security deposit after you sign the lease contract.

Please note that the reservation fee is non-refundable.

Please note: Fontana has a maximum 21-day move-in window policy before we will start charging rent. What this means is, if you pay the reservation fee for an apartment that is available now, your rent will start in a maximum of 21 days time. This is whether you have moved in yet or not. Likewise, If you pay the reservation fee for an apartment that is becoming available, your rent will start a maximum of 21 days after the available date or the day you check-in. Whichever comes first.
For this reason, we advise selecting an apartment that is available within 21 days of your planned check-in date.

For people who have been referred to Fontana by a current Fontana client, please leave the tenant's name, building name and room number in the "How did you hear about Fontana" section of this inquiry form. If you fail to do so, the current tenant will be unable to claim their discount offer.  

Part I - Room selection

minimum 1 month (Guesthouse) minimum 2 months (Apartment)

Part II - Your Personal Information

(including country code)
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